STITCHED is a fantasy ensemble family drama exploring the identity and relationships of Theodore Terger, a sketch artist and former counterfeit criminal. Initially about Theodore's experience in the afterlife, the narrative will shift its focus to four different prominent characters from Theodore's life. Including his mother, Mary, his ex-wife, Lucille, his son, Phoenix, and his granddaughter, Osiris. The characters are loosely based off of the relationships Goodwin had with various family members growing up. 
Goodwin came up with the initial concept of the film while in college, after being the subject of gossip amongst some of his former friends. After often wondering what exactly had been said about him, he decided to use the notion as a plot device for a feature film.
The film's total budget is roughly $175,000, Goodwin plans to source the funds for the project through crowdfunding, investors, and independent studios. Supporting Goodwin through his crazy efforts are several of his extremely talented filmmaker friends; flying to Texas from Los Angeles, New York and New Zealand, to assist in making the movie come to life.

If you, or anyone you know, would like to help make STITCHED become a reality, check out our crowdfunding campaign or contact us for any inquires.